Friday, November 18, 2016

Serene Annihilation: Hate Triangle

What we need is hatred. From it our ideas are born.
-Jean Genet

The story between Thul, the Kairic Acolyte; Conan, the Barbarian; and Alestorm, the Dwarven Slayer is a tragic one.  It has ensnared all three in a triangle of hatred and destruction - from which only one will emerge alive.

Once, Alestorm was a great Thane of a mighty dwarven house.  Then came Asavar Kul and his monstrous army.  Alestorm fought until he could fight no more, until the blood of his enemies covered him so much that his hands were too slick to hold his weapons.  Surrounded by his enemies, his father, mother, brothers, sisters, cousins, children - all screaming in agony as the Chaos forces consumed him, he reached out from the depths of his despair to any power which would listen...

Alestorm's impassioned cries were answered by Thul, Kairic Acolyte of Tzeentch.  The sorcerer promised to rescue the dwarf's ancestral home and his family in exchange for his eternal service to Tzeentch.  With nowhere left to turn, Alestorm made his pledge.  But before the ritual could be completed, Conan the savage warrior - and long-time enemy of Thul - stormed onto the scene.  With his mighty broadsword, he sundered the servants of Thul and disrupted his ritual.

In the aftermath, Alestorm found himself alone in the ruins of his house.  The bodies of his kin lay broken all around him.  Of Thul and Conan - nothing was to be found.  Alestorm cried out in despair, betrayal and shame.  He shaved his head, took the slayer oath and promised revenge on both the sorcerer and barbarian who had so shamed him.


Bitter Hatred:  Up to two of the three characters can be members of the same warband at the same time.  It can be assumed that they have formed a temporary alliance against the third.  However, while members of the same warband they will never voluntarily move within 6" of one another.

Final Victory:  In order to end the triangle, two of three of them must die.  If one of the characters takes the other out of action, then leave the body where it lies.  If the victorious character is able to spend an entire turn in base-to-base contact with the body, then he delivers the deathblow.  The character who was out of action is immediately killed with no need to roll on the permanent injury table.  Furthermore, the dead character's head is severed and may be flung 6", inflicting a S3 hit automatically.

Spite's Rewards:  If one of the characters kills another (as described above), then that character becomes loyal to the leader of the warband it is a part of.  That character gains their special loyalty ability (as described below).  The final surviving character immediately gains D6 experience.

Civil War:  If only two characters are remaining and both are part of the same warband, a special scenario must be played.


Magic  Mastery:  Tzeentch rewards Thul with additional arcane power.  He gains an additional spell and a permanent +1 modifier to all casting rolls (this is cumulative with the Sorcery skill, if he has it).  Additionally, the warband he is a part of gains the ability to hire one Pink Horror for half price.

Deathblow:  Every time Conan takes an enemy out of action, he gains 1 Presence point and heals one wound.  This may take his Presence points higher than his current value, but may not take his wounds beyond his current value.
Ready for Death:  Alestorm's victory allows him to, finally, face death knowing his task is complete.  He becomes immune to Psychology.  In addition, he doubles his attacks whenever he charges.  Finally, if Alestorm is the last remaining character, he loses the Cursed by Tzeentch special rule.

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