Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Serene Annihilation: Atlas Gemini, Blue Whale Knight Colossus

Bound by the world all alone
Crushed under heavy skies
Atlas, Rise!
-Atlas, Rise! by Metallica

The spiral into an ultimate abyss continues.  Fortresses of dark nimbus occlude the sun, rising ever higher in stacks set alight with the azure agony of otherworldly lightning.  The sky becomes a labyrinth until it mirrors the shattered streets below; until city and sky become a single, inseparable maze.

The dream-surge continues.  Those things once frightful, swell to monstrous proportions.  This is an era undreamed of new gods and old nightmares long thought dead.

Atlas Gemini is the next evolution of the Blue Whale Knight Order; he is a portent of the impossible madness yet to come.

Atlas Gemini is a silent hulk of metal and razor sharp armament.  He seems to be a part of the mysterious Blue Whale Knight Order, but the nature of his position is not clear.  Day by day, more colossi such as he grind their way through the City of the Damned.

Like all the dead, like all the dreams...  They are come to Mordheim.


Name M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Blue Whale Colossus 4 4 3 4 4 3 1 2 9
(max) 4 6 6 6 6 5 4 5 10

Presence: 0 (maximum 3)

Equipment: Full Plate Armor, Two Helmets, Huge Punch Dagger (counts as sword), Axe.

Skills: Dual Wield.

A Blue Whale Colossus may choose from Strength and Combat whenever it gains an advance.

Cause fear: Blue Whale Knights are otherworldly hulks (and possibly undead).  They cause fear.

Immune to Psychology: Blue Whale Knights may not even experience emotion.  They are immune to all psychological effects.

Immune to Poison: There may not be anything inside of a Blue Whale Knight's armor except brine.  They are immune to all forms of poison and disease. 

Indomitable: Blue Whale Knights are towers of armor and strength.  When forced to roll on the injury table, they treat all results of Knocked Down or Stunned as Weakened instead (in the same way as Monsters).

Ponderous: Blue Whale Knights may not run.  When declaring a charge, subtract -2" from the total result.  They also do not suffer movement penalties for being armed with heavy armor and a shield.
Full Plate Armor: A Blue Whale Colossus has a 4+ save due to its thick metal armor.

Relentless: A Blue Whale Colossus may fire his crossbow even if he moved.

 A Blue Whale Knight may select one of the below special skills when receiving an advance.  They do not start with any of the below skills.

Armor of Endless Sea:  The otherworldly plate armor of the Blue Whale Knight hardens like a crab's exoskeleton.  Add +1 to the Blue Whale Knight's save.

No Weakness: The otherworldly nature of the colossus makes him like a moving mountain: it cannot be slain by precise blows or lucky hits, only ground down bit by bit.  The Colossus ignores critical hits.



  1. Yeah I love this, very cool.

    It occurs to me that what you are doing is sort of updating my concept for Age of Sigmar - taking the base idea and reworking it to be less traditional. This is something I can get behind, I really like the break from traditional fantasy we are seeing lately. I realise you are doing your own thing in terms of setting and End Times, but I think the idea is similar.

    1. I am thrilled you liked the model!

      You have divined my intent perfectly: I am in a one-man struggle to re-define Mordheim. It was a powerful setting which deserves more attention than it ever received. Most expansions attempt to add additional settings to the original rules and background - but I want to expand what was there, not take it totally elsewhere. I have not worked out how to fit Mordheim in the current history of Warhammer, but I think it begins with The Great Rebellion - an event where the inhabitants of the City of the Damned defeat Magnus the Pious (rather than the other way around). History takes a different path after that...