Saturday, July 2, 2016

Mordheim Battle Report: The Pig-God

Who entereth herein, a conqueror hath been.
-The Fall of the House of Usher, by Edgar Allen Poe

Long delay, I know - but here are the results of the battle against the Pig God!

Warband composition and pictures and stats for the Pig God available in the Previous Post.


This was a custom scenario.  The Pig-God deployed in the middle and the unlikely alliance of Averlanders and Carnival of Chaos were deployed randomly along the table edges.  Both warbands were broken up into equally-sized groups then divided into thirds.  The players rolled to see which third would remain in reserve.  The remainder would deploy along the table edges.  Each hero and/or henchman group would deploy within 8" of a random table edge.  Starting on the second turn, players could roll for their units held in reserve.  On a 4+, that hero or henchman group would enter play from a random table edge.


The Averlanders got nearly all of their heroes and henchmen in play with the exception of their Sergeant and Ogre hero.  The Carnival got all of their heroes and henchmen in except for their Plague Bearers and Nurglings.

The Players close in on the Pig God.

Tainted One, The Fly was accompanied by three brethren and two Averlander henchmen to close on the Pig God from the south.  From the West emerged four more Averlander henchmen and the Averlander squire.  Moving away from the greater threat, the Pig God moved against the squire and his group.


The Pig God charges the Averlander group, expending a point of Presence to make the charge since he was short 1" (leaving him with 1 Presence Point).  The Pig God used his Whirlwind ability to draw in two additional Averlander henchmen and, in a flurry of attacks - killed them all!

The Pig God was then charged by the oncoming chaos group.  From the East came all the chaos heavy hitters (two brutes and the leader!).  The Pig God crushed The Fly, but received multiple wounds from the remaining members of the coalition.

+++END GAME+++
The Carnival sent in its Plague Bearer daemons.  The Pig God expended his last point of Presence to activate Slam Attacks, but managed to only launch one of the Averlander henchmen out of combat (and not kill him).  Surrounded on all sides by many combatants, the Pig God was finally brought down!


The Pig God had taken out six opponents during his reign of terror - but except for The Fly, they were all henchmen.  Amazingly, except for one Averlander henchman, they all survived!  This, coupled with receiving treasure for defeating the Pig God, resulted in a massive GC haul for all players!

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