Monday, June 6, 2016

Mordheim Battle Report: Dark Farm

Let the red dawn surmise What we shall do, When this blue starlight dies And all is through.
-The Yellow Sign, by Robert W. Chambers

Join me now in the hateful eternities between the stars.  Now comes at last the results of the first Saturday Night Mordheim.  Battle is joined across a dark farm which huddles fearful and alone below endless, glittering starlight.  Bathed in this cosmic glory, the Witch Hunters ambushed the frightful Possessed with an aim to putting an end to the King in Yellow's reign of terror once and for all.

Warband composition and pictures from available in the previous post.


The Fates were with us from the start.   Rolling on the scenario table resulted in the rather appropriate scenario: Surprise Attack.  Rolling off and the Witch Hunters became the attackers; the Possessed, the defenders.  Clearly, Warrior Priest Jasper Blackthorne had cornered, at last, his greatest quarry: the cruel, spiteful King in Yellow.


The Possessed were picking through the shattered remnants of the Dark Farm.  The King in Yellow deployed in the northern quadrant supported by Beaky the mutant.  Two Beastmen and the spear-wielding brethren held the center.  The Professor held the bridge.  The three bow-armed brethren started on the gang-plank stretching between two of the eastern buildings that they might provide supporting fire.  Croc, the hideous Possessed with a Great Claw started in the south.

"Sad Face" the Possessed and Amon Amarth the Reaver remained held in reserve.

The King, supported by Beaky.  The Professor on the bridge in the distance.

Beastmen hold the center.

Sniveling brethren hide behind the fences.

Croc's intimidating presence in the south.


Randomly determining which table edge they will arrive from, the fates determined the Witch Hunters would come in from the north.  The warband arrives in two groups, a large one with three Flagellants, three Fighting Monkeys (warhounds), Witch-Hunter Prudence (dual pistols), Witch-Hunter Brother Thelonious (mace and sword) and Elf Ranger Nightingale - all led by Jasper Blackthorne, the Warrior Priest.

Witch Hunters arrive in force.

Jasper Blackthorne (left) and Nightingale (right) hold the table edge.

The second group was much smaller, consisting of only Galen the Blue Whale Archer and the Hired Sword Tilean Marksman "The Professional."  They deployed centrally, ready to trade fire with the three brethren armed with bows.

Galen readies his cross-bow.

The Witch Hunters surge forward, as do the Possessed.  Realizing he has been caught in a trap, the King in Yellow calls upon the Dark Gods with his Eye of the Gods power.  The closest beastman gains a point of WS as result.


The Possessed main body run as quickly as possible toward the Witch Hunters.  Croc, in the rear, clomps forward with slavering jaws - trying desperately to catch up with his fellows.  With a great roll, Sad-Face arrives from the West board edge right next to the Elf Ranger Nightingale and charges her!  Jasper Blackthorne, the Warrior Priest looks on in terror, unable to summon the courage to intercept the charge.


Nightingale fights for her life!

Meanwhile, across the board, the Reaver Amon Amarth pounds his way onto the board from the East.  Snickering and belching, the brethren send a hail of arrows at Galen, the Blue Whale Archer and - amazingly! - despite his high toughness and heavy armor, they take him out!

Galen loses the shooting war.


The Flagellants, fearless where their leader was not, throw themselves into combat against Sad Face - eager to slay the abomination!  For the first round of combat, they manage to pick off a wound from Sad Face even as he wounds Nightingale.  Burning a Presence point for a Fate roll, the D6 comes up a 6 and she ignores the wound.  She strikes first the following turn at Initiative 6, but only one attack.  Although she has to, burn her last two Presence points - she manages to wound the beast.  The injury roll does not go well and Sad Face goes Out of Action!

The flagellants struggle against the abomination.

Nightingale strikes down the monster!

Across the board, things do not go quite so well for the Witch Hunters.  Jasper Blackthorne is beset by the spear-wielding brethren and the mutant, Beaky.  Despite his armor and superior skill, he is struck down!

Punishing him for his earlier cowardice, the gods of fate abandon the Warrior Priest.

+++END GAME+++

Combat is joined on the bridge; blows are struck on both sides.  Croc comes shrieking and howling up the center of the field, eager to taste man-flesh.  Amidst the chaos, Nightingale sees the tides of battle part.  She moves to the East, leaping to increase her movement.  She drops to one knee and knocks two arrows at once.  With no presence points left to modify her rolls, the shots are left in the hands of fate.  Loosing the arrows, the first goes wide - but the second sails beneath the glittering starlight.  The King in Yellow burns his only presence point to make a Fate roll - and fails!  The arrow strikes him in the throat!  The to-wound roll comes up a 6 and he goes down without a word - a critical hit taking him Out of Action.  His followers, beholding his demise, panic and flee.  Victory for the Witch Hunters!

 The stars are eternal, but we are not...

Nightingale ends the King's reign!


What a battle!  Like another recent one, this battle proved particularly fateful.  Rolling on the Permanent Injury table resulted in a result of Dead for the King in Yellow!  The character - once so terrible and fearful to the other warbands - at last laid low.  His reign well and truly - at an end!

Galen, the brand new Blue Whale Archer was also killed post-battle.  He was a challenging conversion, and one of my favorites - a shame to see him die in his first outing.

 Jasper Blackthorne received a result of Hardened on the Permanent Injury table - becoming immune to Fear.  One can conclude that he has rededicated himself to his cause - determined to atone for his cowardice.

Beyond this, one Beastman henchman was killed in the center fight and one of the bow-armed Brethren was killed by The Professional.  Neither recovered post-battle.  Sad Face also received a leg injury which would slow him down.

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  1. The propensity of newly painted models to die in their first game is something Deaf and I have commented on in the past. He sent me the newly painted Da Mad Bomma to join my band just in time for game night. First game, Bomma gets killed.
    Great, cinematic report.