Friday, May 13, 2016

Serene Annihilation: Battle Report - Rescue Hawke!

Follow me now and you will not regret
leaving the life you led before we met
You are the first to have this love of mine
forever with me 'till the end of time

-N.I.B (Nativity in Black), by Black Sabbath

Today's update to the Serene Annihilation Campaign is a battle report.  This game was a custom scenario where the Averlanders, accompanied by "Old Man" Caleb try to rescue his daughter Hawke before the Great Hoodoo, Master of the Carnival of Chaos can snatch her up into his foul clutches.  Will father and wayward daughter be reunited?  Or will Chaos prevail?


For this scenario, each warband was assigned a small deployment area roughly 12" x 12".  Hawke was placed atop a hill in the center.  She could not be harmed or shot at in any way by the warbands.  Any member making base contact with her could lead her up to 8" per turn.  If that member was killed, Hawke would remain where she was.  Warbands could win by either escorting Hawke off of their table edge, or by forcing the other warband to route.


Battlefield set-up showing position of Averlander warband.
Position of the Carnival of Chaos.
Averlander main group - "rescue squad."

Averlanders with shooting weapons provide covering fire. 
The Averlanders deployed in two groups, one made up of Bergjaeger Hamish and Hired-Sword-turned-hero the Tilean Marksman, Bullseye.  These two deployed on the second level of a building to cover the advance of the main group with their deadly shooting.
Chaos heavy-hitters screened by a carpet of nurglings.

Plague Bearers accompanied by a stage-hand.
The Carnival also deployed in two groups: the first consisting of the Carnival Master the Great Hoodoo; Pinhead and the Jester (strong men); The Fly (tainted one with cloud of flies); and Uncle Krampus (tainted one with Bloated Foulness) screened by a carpet of nurglings.  On the other side, the two Plague Bearers were accompanied by a single Brethren stage-hand with hammer and shield.

Averlander shooters wait for the Carnival to make its move.

Averlander heroes accompanied by "Old Man" Caleb.

 Captain "Mad" Jack rushes to save Hawke.

The Averlander "rescue squad" split into two groups.  The first, consisting of two henchmen, Sergeant Macgreggor, Squire Dingwall and "Old Man" Caleb moved to intercept the Carnival heavy hitters and hopefully hold them up.  The second group consisting of Captain "Mad" Jack, Bergjaeger Fergus and two henchmen clambered up the ladder to try and save Hawke.

Here comes the Carnival!
The foul Master of the Carnival, the Great Hoodoo split off with The Fly to climb the ladders and clomp across the rickety gang-planks to reach Hawke.  The Plague Bearers and single henchman following right behind.  Meanwhile, the heavy hitters pounded toward the Averlander group remaining on the ground.


The Averlanders confront The Fly whilst the daemons close in to help.

The Great Hoodoo tries to talk Hawke into leaving with him.

Atop the hill the Averlanders confront the Carnival.  The Fly steps forward and absorbs the charge of both of the Averlander henchmen.  The fight results in no injuries on either side.  The Daemons and Captain "Mad" Jack close in swiftly to help their comrades.  Meanwhile, as The Fly keeps the Averlanders at bay, the Great Hoodoo snatches up Hawke.

Averlanders charge the nurglings.

The big guys lumber forward behind the little guys.  The Averlanders are in trouble...

Below, the Averlanders charge the nurglings.  One is taken out and another is stunned, unfortunately, this sets them up perfectly for the chaos counter-charge...
Chaos heavy-hitters hit hard!

Carnival of Carnage!

The chaos heavy-hitters slam into the Averlanders.  The Jester and Uncle Krampus crush one henchman whilst the nurglings take out another.  Meanwhile, Squire Dingwall proves no match for Pinhead and is smashed by his huge mace. 

 The Great Hoodoo and Hawke make their escape...

Captain "Mad" Jack fights a grotesque Plague Bearer.
Atop the hill, the Averlanders fight desperately through the Carnival.  The Fly is cut down, but Captain "Mad" Jack is held up by a nightmarish Plague Bearer.  An arrow and a crossbow bolt zip towards the Carnival master, but amazingly despite both being fired at BS4 - both miss!  Captain "Mad" Jack can only watch helplessly as the Great Hoodoo gets farther and farther away with Hawke.

+++END GAME+++
Sergeant Macgregor and "Old Man" Caleb stand resolute.

 The Carnival closes in...
Down below, the Carnival slaughters the Averlanders.  Sergeant Macgregor and "Old Man" Caleb stand alone against the wall of meat rushing toward them.
Archers take their toll, but is it too late?

Come with me, my pretty...

Atop the hill, the Plague Bearer knocks down Captain "Mad" Jack.  The archers finally find their mark and kill the brethren, but it is too late as the Great Hoodoo puts even more distance between himself and the Averlanders.

Finally, having lost their leader and so many members, the Averlanders route.  Victory to Chaos!

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