Thursday, May 12, 2016

Serene Annihilation: Universal Heroes - Reavers

Who is like unto the beast? And who is able to make war with him?
-Revelation 13:4

The fate of Mordheim rests on the edge of a knife.  During the moments when the haunted wind is still, the alleyways seem to hold their breath in anticipation.  There is a storm brewing deep in the heart of the Empire.  A young man named Magus gathers his followers to him as fire is drawn from the storm.  It is a storm headed for Mordheim.  In these days, these final days, violence seems to spring up with ever-waxing frequency.  Men born from this free-floating, amorphous violence gather in Mordheim, offering their services to anyone who will accept them.

Reavers are similar to Norse Marauders, but their origins are much less clear.  Although some bear marks and brands of obedience to the blood god, Khorne; others show marks of much less certain origin; or no marks at all.

Reavers are available as Universal Heroes for any warband in the Serene Annihilation Campaign.  A warband may have no more than one Reaver, no more than two Universal Heroes and no more than six heroes as normal.

Universal Heroes come with a stock set of equipment and may not purchase new equipment, nor trade nor sell their existing equipment.


A Reaver may be hired as a hero for 65 GC.  A Reaver hero starts with 8 experience points.
A Reaver may be added as a hired sword for 30 GC with a 15 GC upkeep.

Name M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Reaver 4 4 3 4 4 1 4 1 7
(max) 4 6 6 5 4 3 6 4 9

Presence: 0 (maximum 5)

Equipment: Axe, Reaver Dagger, Helmet

Skills: Reavers may choose from Strength or Combat skills whenever they receive an advance.

Reaver Dagger: This weapon is a serrated blade larger than a dagger, but smaller than a sword.  It counts as a normal dagger, but does not grant an armor save bonus.

Bloodgreed: Reavers are cannibals and the scent of blood drives them to frothing heights of violence.  If a Reaver takes an enemy out of action, roll a D6.  On a 4+, the Reaver gains Frenzy.


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