Friday, May 13, 2016

Serene Annihilation: Second Encounter with the King

After the Averlanders encountered the hideous King in Yellow, he returned several battles later to torment the Carnival of Chaos.  By this time they had hired a Reaver (Universal Hero).  The King once again appeared as though from nowhere, immediately surrounding them and offering no escape - but instead offering a choice:

  • Agree to have the right arm of your leader chopped off.
  • Give up the life of their newest hero.

RESULT: The Great Hoodoo, leader of the foul Carnival, remained selfish; the Reaver was killed and the King melted back into the darkness, leaving behind only his laughter.

As a result of his self-centered actions, the every member of the Carnival suffered a -1 penalty to their leadership as a result of their loss of faith in their leader.  This penalty lasted until the Carnival won their next battle, at which point their confidence in their leader was restored.

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