Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Serene Annihilation: Universal Heroes - Hired Swords

"Bullseye" the Tilean Marksman promoted to Hero

As the Serene Annihilation Campaign continued, all three warbands prepared for a match-up to determine the fate of Hawke.  Sensing the import of this encounter, "Old Man" Caleb reached out to his connections and dug into his pockets to add a Tilean Marksman to the Averlanders warband.  The Witch Hunters and the Carnival of Chaos likewise received additional help (more to come on that...).

The battle itself will be discussed elsewhere, suffice to say, Old Man Caleb was left wailing in anguish as the foul Carnival of Chaos carried away his daughter.

But the real change came after...

Deciding that the hired swords which had been added to each warband were just way too awesome to remain just bit players, I allowed each player to add them to their rosters as Heroes.

For the Serene Annihilation campaign I decided it would be an awesome idea to allow the players to have non-standard heroes in their warband.  The decision was really made because the initial hired swords added to the various warbands proved just way too interesting to remain in the background.


Any warband may have two heroes which are not listed in their warband list.  Warbands are still limited to six maximum heroes.  These "Universal Heroes" may be chosen from Hired Swords normally available to the warband or may be selected from five additional types specific to this campaign (details coming soon!).

When adding a Hired Sword as a Hero, the player must pay twice the Hired Sword's normal hire fee.  Thereafter, the Hired Sword is entered in as a hero.  No upkeep fee is required.  The Hired Sword gains advanced like any other hero and is for all intents and purposes a hero of that warband.  No more than one Hired Sword of any type may be promoted to a hero in this manner.  Hired Swords promoted to Heroes start with 8 experience unless otherwise noted.

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