Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Serene Annihilation: Campaign Results, Part 01

The Witch Hunters close in on the gallows of Executioner's Square
The campaign has begun.  Our initial games were played over the course of a two and a half day marathon of Mordheim, BBQ'ing and drinking.  Here are the results.

The first game was between John's Carnival of Chaos and Wallace's Averlanders.  The Carnival was searching the ruins and they were attacked by the Averlanders.  The Carnival started with The Jester, Pinhead and two Plague Bearers on the table - all other warriors were in reserve.  The Averlanders entered and immediately shot dead the Jester!  We all thought this would be a short game - until...  Pinhead, enraged by the loss of his friend, charged in and pulverized the Averlanders!  Once the Plague Bearers joined in and the reserves showed up - the entire Averlander warband was destroyed!  Post battle, so many Averlanders died (including the Leader and Sergeant) that Wallace decided to restart the warband from scratch.

We played several more games thereafter.  The Carnival of Chaos pulled into an early lead.  Pinhead and the Jester gained multiple advances, becoming utter power-houses.  Shortly thereafter, the players had their first encounter with their mysterious adversary...

More to come!  Expect updates on just how the warbands stand now.

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