Saturday, April 7, 2018

Million-Colored Sun: Test Game - Loamhedge Rescue

In a life and death struggle, we cannot afford to leave our destinies in the hands of failures.
-Clement Atlee

The hideous bio-mechanoids of the Wizard advance.  The large central figure is a Javelin-Class Heavy Combat Servitor.

In the closing days of the conflict between the Wizard and the Defenders of the Starlight Forest, battles were often small but exceedingly lethal.  Advanced combat bio-units clashed with elite Loamhedge warriors and a motley flotilla of aircraft.

Queen Elise addresses her warriors before battle.  Note the Air Screw flying transport in the background.

This scenario is typical of one of those conflicts.  A large force of the Wizard's forces clash with desperate Loamhedge warriors.  With resources vanishing, the Loamhedge warriors were increasingly forced to scramble the sere remnants of personnel and machinery.  At this stage, the Wizard had not yet begun deploying Agent Hellfire-White to eradicate the forest since he hoped it could be preserved.  Although he had by now deployed dozers to level many acres of it to flush out his wily opponents.  The Loamhedge Patrol frequently acted to stop this.


The battlefield.

In this scenario, use a 6'x4' battlefield.  Set up terrain in a mutually agreeable manner.

Divide the battlefield in half.  Set up three objectives.  Two should be 2-3 villagers placed close together, and the other should be a dozer or other large piece of industrial equipment.

The Loamhedge Patrol deploys on one half and the Forces of the Wizard deploy on the other.  Models must be set up at least 18" from an enemy model.

The position of the three objectives.

The Dozer is treated as terrain; it may not be harmed except by heavy ordnance.

The villagers cannot be harmed; once a Loamhedge Patrol model moves within 3" of one, it may move normally (including running) - but may still not be harmed.  They take up space on a transport.  If a model from the Forces of the Wizard is within 3" of a villager and no Loamhedge Patrol model is within 3", the villager may not move.

Loamhedge Patrol Elite with an Eradication Bomb.  Carrying such a weapon is a dangerous, yet honored position.

The Loamhedge Warriors start with one Eradication Bomb.  It may be carried without penalty by the Loamhedge Elite, but any other model carries it at half speed.  Models may pass it freely between them.  It does not take up space in a vehicle.  If the model carrying it is slain, it remains where it is.

At any time, the fuse may be set by a model carrying it.  Once set, roll a D6 at the start of each of your hero phases. On a 3+, the bomb explodes.  All models within 3" take D6 mortal wounds.  All terrain, to include the Dozer, is destroyed.

Winning the Game
The Loamhedge Patrol achieves an objective by either destroying the Dozer or escorting two villagers to within 6" of their table edge.  If they achieve two objectives, the game immediately ends in a victory for the Loamhedge Patrol.

The Forces of the Wizard are victorious if they slay all forces of the Loamhedge Patrol.


Loamhedge Patrol: Queen Elise, 5 x Loamhedge Patrol Elite, 1 x Air Screw

Forces of the Wizard: Prince Galen, 4 x Wretch, 1 x Cyber-Ogryn, 1 x Heavy Combat Servitor


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