Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Million-Colored Sun: Starfire Cr.32 Biplane

To be a good fighter pilot, there is one prime requisite - think fast, and act faster.
-Major John T. Godfrey, USAAF

The Starfire Cr.32 Biplane was typical of the fighters utilized by the Loamhedge Renegades: compact, robust, highly maneuverable- and heavily armed.  They were resilient and forgiving for new pilots, but could still be deadly in the hands of an ace.

The Plasma Destroyer Array provided the primary weapon system for a Starfire - and gave the aircraft its name.  Its glittering cerulean bolts could melt even the most heavily armored combat servitor where it stood.  However, the difficulty in constructing this weapon meant that production capacity never came close to meeting demand.

As the Endless Whispers War ground on, the Wizard came to the conclusion that it would be more efficient to keep the Loamhedge Renegades at bay - rather than engage in costly attacks.  To wit, he established concentric rings of defenses around his tower.  The Loamhedge Renegades were forced to deploy elite forces to probe deep into the Wizard's territory.  Such distant engagements, fought behind enemy lines, could not be supported with heavy units or artillery - ergo, aircraft were increasingly used to provide adequate fire support.



A Starfire engages a Cloudhunter Drone; the lightly-armored and sluggish drones were easy prey.

A landed Starfire.

A Starfire with her pilot.  Aelves frequently acted as pilots due to their excellent reflexes.

A view from beneath shows coolant-filled tanks for use during a plasma weapon overheat.

The low-tech nature of the Loamhedge Renegades meant repairs were often affairs of trial and error; here the pilot and the unit engineer argue over the cause of low-oil pressure.

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