Saturday, April 7, 2018

Million-Colored Sun: The Air Screw

I have discovered that a screw-shaped device such as this, if it is well made from starched linen, will rise in the air if turned quickly.
-Leonardo da Vinci

In the closing days of the war between the inhabitants of the Loamhedge Forest and the Wizard, the conflict devolved into a series of running battles.  These deadly skirmishes were fought primarily by advanced combat servitors and the Loamhedge Patrol.  Since the Wizard had established many lines of defense along the ground, air combat grew to take on a larger role.  The artifice of the Loamhedge Forest was often primitive, but was deployed with a strategic eye toward effectiveness.  The Air Screw was a highly effective transport, easily able to duck beneath the canopy of the Starlight Forest.  Although unarmed, it proved a tenacious opponent for the Wizard.



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