Saturday, April 21, 2018

Million-Colored Sun: Intro to Driving

Driving a race car is like dancing with a chain saw.
-Cale Yarborough

In preparation for Million-Colored Sun, we are presenting simple rules for vehicles.  If these seem similar to those from Gorkamorka - then that is sheer coincidence.

Lesson I: Basic Driving

Most models can adequately be represented by the basic Age of Sigmar rules, but to really set vehicles apart, the Million Colored Sun Campaign uses some more advanced rules.  Whether high-speed motorcar, or hulking tank - a number of special rules apply to vehicles.

Facing Matters
Vehicles cannot change direction except when maneuvering.

Vehicles take double damage when it is dealt to their rear arc.

Vehicles may move within 3" of enemy models.  They may not run or charge.  They may still fire their weapons no matter how close they are to enemy models.

Most vehicles have multiple movement modes.  Sometimes they can use multiple modes in the same turn, if so this will be specified in the vehicle's Warscroll.

Low Gear
A vehicle maneuvering in low gear is focused on navigating obstacles.  It is a fairly slow, reliable way to move.  Begin by moving the vehicle directly forward any amount between 1" and its movement value (typically 4").  After this, the vehicle may pivot on the spot to the left or right 45 degrees.  The vehicle may then move between 1" and its movement value again and make a final pivot if so desired.  The diagram below provides an example.

In this example, the motorcar moves forward 4", pivots to the right then moves 4" and pivots to the right again.

A vehicle may maneuver at slow speed in an attempt to extricate itself from a difficult spot.  The vehicle may move 1" forward OR in reverse then make a 45 degree pivot.  It may repeat this two more times.  Below is an example diagram.

In the above example, the motorcar reverses 1", pivots to the right, reverses another 1", pivots to the right and then moves forward 1".  It could have made a final pivot at the end of its move, but did not.

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