Friday, October 13, 2017

Million-Colored Sun: It Begins...

Bow down: I am the emperor of dreams;
I crown me with the million-colored sun
Of secret worlds incredible, and take
Their trailing skies for vestment when I soar...
-The Hashish Eater or, the Apocalypse of Evil, by Clark Ashton Smith

Beyond the borders of the dream-haunted Starlight Forest lies a realm lost in the mist of fable.  A hideous realm where boiling, black blood drives foul engines that move and stalk across a primeval landscape.  Beneath the blaze of a dream-borne sun, there is no escape save for the beautiful crystalline oblivion that awaits all mortals.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Nurgle Army for Sale!

More Nurgle than Nurgle!
-Nurgle (probably)

I've decided to sell my large, custom, crazy Nurgle Daemon Army!  They have served me well - but have been absent from the battlefield for too long.  They crave a new master - could it be you?!

Listing HERE!