Saturday, May 27, 2017

Endless Whispers: THE WIZARD

The Devil, in the prosecution, and the execution of his wrath upon them, often gets a Liberty to make a Descent upon the Children of Men.
-On Witchcraft: Being the Wonders of the Invisible World, by Cotton Mather

What sins have I committed to deserve such wretched sorrow?  Mine eyes, burning with tears, beheld my beloved husband and twin sons cast into the hissing abyss below.  They returned days later.  Their eyes unfocused, their limbs limp, their heads scarred.  They recognized me never and not at all - they respond not even to the familiar tones of my voice.  Their utterances are not gone, however, they still speak when the overseers address them.  But now, they speaketh only a single phrase or verse.  It is etched into my memory, even as I dwindle within the intestinal walls of this nightmare palace.  I hear it in my dreams.  I pray to every god I know - the Eagle God and the Old Gods whose names are forbidden.  I pray that I will forget; but, I know in the depths of my heart, that I never will.  That phrase will echo with me, will define me until the end of my days.

Hark!  They come for me!  Please, I beg of thee - no!  And yet - and yet!  At last I will be together with my family.  Together with them in a fashion.  Forgive my weakness, O Eagle God.  Take me - take me, my master!  Render me unto the Wizard!  I am prepared to join my family.

The Wizard is lord!  I obey!

-Hannah Greensleeves, Peasant Laborer

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Endless Whispers: Bayou Raiders Warband

See you sharpening the pins
So the holes will remind us
We're just the toys in the hands of another
And in time the needles turn from shine to rust
-Fixxxer, by Metallica

The old ways return with the strength and fury of black tides.  I can feel the All-father pulling my soul into his endless chasm; showing me its secret.

The Wizard has come.  Defiling our altars, upending our monuments, disgracing our ancestors.  I rarely experience what the other-kinds call "emotions," but there is something stirring deep within my bones.  I will slay him.  He will perish.  The Old Gods call me.  The All-father reaches out from his apocalypse abyss.  His hybrid-children roam free no longer - held tight as they are by the Wizard's corrupting influence.  But now the time comes to end the Wizard's reign - we rise.

-Dength Angth, High Guardian of the Tomes

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Endless Whispers, Locale: Howling Mine

He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.

This is the third location in a series of locations available for the players to explore in the Endless Whispers campaign.

Searching in, the inverted pyramid.  I can feel it.  The riches of ancient of days.  I feel it.  The riches glitter like endless, screaming labyrinths of blinding pulsars.  I must dig.  Dig!

-Thermite, Dwarf Prospector