Saturday, August 26, 2017

Battle Report: ...and their Memory was a Bitter Tree, Pt. 1

Never stop the bleeding now,
Almost like your fight,
And there it went,
Almost like your life.
-That was just your Life, by Metallica

"They call it 'unnecessary expenditure of resources' but to me it is proof of my devotion, of my love.  I will have Elise as my bride.  She has been misled by those awful renegades from the loathsome abbey.  I'll get her back.  I'll prove myself to her.  She will be begging for me to take her back - you'll see.  They'll all see."
-Galen, the True King of the Starlight Forest


Another exciting battle ahead!  The scenario is Treasure Hunt as listed in the Age of Sigmar: Skirmish book.

Galen, the self-proclaimed "True King of the Starlight Forest" has abandoned his erstwhile allies - the Viridian Corsairs.  He has since thrown in his lot with the Wizard.

The Wizard, sensing his grip on the Starlight Forest slipping, has accepted aid from "King" Galen.  There are still many who agree with Galen's claim to the throne, and the Wizard hopes that this faction will rally to him - legitimizing his own position by proxy.

Yet Galen is unhappy.  His aid came with a price - the restoration of his beloved Queen Elise.  The Wizard, however, is a changer of bodies - not of hearts.  He cannot force Elise to love Galen; to circumvent this, he has created a simulacrum of her - thereafter, considering the matter resolved.

Galen has absconded with a portion of the Wizard's forces - having cunningly learned how to control their mind-impulse units.  Using the False Elise as bait, Galen has captured Mr. Frog and is using him as bait.

Elise has taken the bait, sensing the trap, but going ahead anyway.  She is accompanied by her allies and, strangely, a possible romantic rival...


Galen, the True King of the Starlight Forest
Queen Elise Replicant
"Sad-Face," Fellcrafted Chimeric
3 x Tech-Slaves
2 x Wretches


Queen Elise
Blood Priestess Nightingale
2 x Viridian Corsair Reavers
2 x Loamhedge Patrol
2 x Villagers
1 x Airborne Hedgehog Warrior

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