Friday, March 24, 2017

Endless Whispers: Loamhedge Renegades Warband

All the world will be your enemy, Prince with a Thousand Enemies, and whenever they catch you, they will kill you.
-Watership Down, by Richard Adams

Nothing would please me more than to see that damned abbey burned to the ground.  My brethren don't seem to share in my sentiment, but my blood calls for its destruction.

They expelled me.  No.  More than that - I've been excommunicated.  They tell me that I will walk no more in the light of the Sky-Father.  But I don't care.  Let him burn.  Let them all burn.

I feel the call of the Old Gods singing within my veins.  The Wolf calls on me to deal death to the enemies of my brothers.  And my enemies multiply with each passing day.  The Wizard thinks he will rule the forest - but the forest is still my home, even if the abbey is not.  I feel the Wolf, the Crow, the Serpent, the Hyena all within my heart.  They have crowded the Sky-Father out.  They have defeated him - even as I shall defeat the Wizard.


-Threar Buckthorn, Loamhedge Renegade Abbot

The Loamhedge Abbey was once a grand center in the Starlight Forest, but since the coming of the Wizard it has remained under siege.  A faction of its inhabitants came to believe that the coming of the Wizard meant that their primary diety - the hammer-wielding Sky-Father - had abandonded them.  This faction advocated for a return to the worship of the Old Gods.  But when their practices grew bloodthirsty, they were declared renegades and expelled.  Most were cast out on the eve of a massive battle with the Wizard - meaning many died.  Many of this so-called renegade faction have not forgiven the Grand Abbot for his actions.  Still others believe he chose the moment deliberately.

Either way, the Loamhedge Renegades now scour the Starlight Forest fighting amongst each other, the Wizard and a thousand other enemies besides.

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