Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Endless Whispers: It Begins...

But haply wandering, worlds and cycles hence,
Through unforeseen fantastic avatars,
I shall forget you in the future stars,
-The Last Oblivion, by Clark Ashton Smith

The city we call Mirrorsun, but which others know by other names, is aflame.  The servant of the Eagle-god strode through its gates with halo of gold flame encircling his head.  With hammer and prayer, he butchered all of my friends, my family, my brethren.  I fled to the hateful forest; filled with starlight and sorrow.  I remember the long nights spent weeping - beseeching hands uplifted.  But I found no solace in the heavens - only a great and awful emptiness.

But I was wrong.  Gloriously, horrifically wrong.  The Old Gods came.  Their servants bestrode the shattered land as colossi wreathed in constellations of dark stars.  The great torch of the Wolf filled us with strength beyond that of men.  The touch of the Crow withered our enemies.  The gaze of the Serpent befuddled their arcane powers.  The Laugh of the Hyena slowed their blows.

Mirrorsun has become a great altar to the glory of the Old Gods.  In the forest, I covered myself in ash and blood; I danced naked beneath the stars in ecstacy.  The beasts of the forest who assume the semblance of men have come forth.  The sylvan spirits, capricious and cruel, leap through the canopy once more.

Our joy has been short lived.  Another comes.  A creature of powers more than magical.  He builds a tower in the forest, seeking the stars.  The Wizard.

The Old Gods are with us.  We will defeat him.

-Sebastian Moore, Friar of Drumhead Village

Welcome Back!

The Endless Whispers Campaign is a sequel to our previous campaign, Serene Annihilation.  It follows the trials and tribulations experienced in the forests outside of Mordheim after Magnus the Pious failed to destroy it and was slain during the events of The Great Rebellion.  Those who are fluff-obsessed will recognize that this is not what happened in official Warhammer history.  Magnus was supposed to win and burn Mordheim to the ground - but in our campaign, that is not what happened...

Since this upending, the world has been at odds with itself and reality has begun to break down.  Nothing is right anymore.  Other realities have begun to intrude... or perhaps a new one has begun to assert itself.

Either way, those in the forest who witnessed the destruction of Mordheim now face a new foe: the Wizard.  He has begun to enslave the inhabitants of the Starlight Forest, forcing them to build a tower by which he hopes to reach the stars.  His arcane science confuses and confounds any attempt to leave the forest for the sea.  Those trapped within desperately seek to defeat the wizard and escape the labyrinth of dark trees and darker nightmares...


  1. Welcome back! Glad to see another campaign of fluff and grim miniatures! Have you seen also the AOS28 movement appeared recently? It is quite different from your marvellous Mordheim based world, but I think you could find something interesting. Check it out if you want, to me is very exciting.

    1. Hey thanks! It's good to be back!

      I did look at AOS28, but I didn't like the rules because of the amount of record-keeping required. One of the things my group is terrible at haha.

      I didn't want to have to track experience and injuries for each warrior; so the rules we use require only the tracking of four resources: Supplies, Secrets, Terror and Doom.

    2. Well, sorry I was not precise, I was talking about only the hobby part, not the game one! I do not play anything, sometimes I forget that not all of us divide game from hobby.

    3. No Problem! I was considering submitting a witch hunter or two to Ex Profundis' contest.