Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Serene Annihilation: Clay Golem

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.

Inanimate matter is now come to life beneath the gaze of insane skies.  A new, darker reality intrudes upon what is left of Mordheim and what stumbles out from its shadow is beyond impossible.  Living arrangements of fossil, bone and earth lurch through hopeless alleys.  Thirsty for the magic which sustains them, these animate idols follow those versed in the arcane arts as a dying man begs for water.

A Clay Golem's starting bid is 45 GC.

A Clay Golem is a HENCHMAN, not HERO.

Name M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Clay Golem 4 3 0 3 * 2 3 3 10

Presence: 0

Equipment: none

Skills: none

Clay Magic:  Clay Golems are a ghoulish hybrids of bone, dead earth and magic.  This is reflected by the following rules:
  • A Clay Golem starts each game with T3 but gains, +1T for each friendly magic user on the table.  Whenever a friendly magic user is taken out of action throughout the course of the game, the Clay Golem's toughness is reduced accordingly.
  • A magic user within 12" of a Clay Golem may expend a point of Presence to have the Clay Golem gain +2T until the beginning of its next Recovery phase (to a maximum of T10).  A magic user may only use this ability in their own shooting phase.
Construct:  If a Clay Golem is taken out of action, it automatically recovers with no need to roll.  If at any time its owning warband has no magic users, the Clay Golem crumbles to a pile of muddy bones and is struck from the roster.

Magic Nexus:  All friendly magic users within 6" of a Clay Golem gain +1 to all casting rolls.  This is not cumulative if there are multiple Golems (regardless of type).

Miraculous:  If a friendly magic user within 6" of a Clay Golem casts The Flight of Zimmeran (or any similar spell), the Clay Golem may be moved as well so long as it is placed within 6" of the caster.  It may not use this ability to move into combat.

Natural Weapons:  Clay Golems do not need weapons nor does it suffer any penalties for fighting without them.

Cause fear: A Clay Golem is a nightmare which should not be.  It causes fear.

Immune to Psychology:  Clay Golems are magical constructs and unaffected by all psychology.

No Pain:  Clay Golems treat results of stunned as knocked down instead.

No Brain:  Clay Golems do not gain experience.

Image of the cracked effect I was able to achieve along the golem's flank.

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  1. It is amazing, it seems really made of clay mixed with with bones!!! Dunno why but it reminds me something you can find in a tar pit, it does not have only some black glitchy slime!
    However it is perfect in this way, great job.