Saturday, December 31, 2016

Endless Whispers: A New Campaign

A new year races over the horizon on swift, midnight wings.  Along with it comes a new campaign.  Mordheim has been saved by the actions of the Great Rebellion.  Its nightmarish, disorientating influence has spread a blanket of fiery, new stars across the firmament.  The Palace of Dreams uprears as a pillar of gemstone fire from the center of the city, visible even in such far off places as the Starlight Forest; a dark sea of trees huddling beneath unfamiliar skies...

The Serene Annihilation Campaign has proven to be a massive success, culminating in the mega-battle: THE GREAT REBELLION.  During that game, the fate of Mordheim, City of the Damned, was changed forever when the forces of Chaos overcame Magnus the Pious and his forces.

The world awoke the next day to an entirely different paradigm.  The clashing realities have begun to settle.  In the Starlight Forest, a whole host of beings have found themselves in places altogether familiar - and yet changed in unknowable ways.  Like the survivors of Mordheim, they find themselves invariably caught up in the search for an answer to the change.  A nexus of the collision of universes.  The follow the trail of endless whispers...


  1. Does this mean a whole new range of your delightful miniatures with background? Can't wait!