Saturday, April 9, 2016

Gue'Vesa Army for Warhammer 40,000

This was a project I had originally intended as an "opposing force" for my Imperial forces.  I felt the high-tech,sleek look of the Tau would be a good compliment to the more rugged, gothic look of the Imprial forces.  I truly enjoyed this project, but have decided to take my hobby work in another direction so have decided to put it up for sale on Ebay.

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I wanted the army to be as complete as possible.  To that end, even though the rules I used were custom, the points value is somewhere around ~1000.
Here is a breakdown of the units:
HQ - Tau Commander in Crisis suit w/ Fusion Blaster, Plasma Rifle, 2 x Shield Drones
Elites - 9 x Gue'vesa Heavy Troopers w/ Pulsed Lasguns, 2 x Smart Missile Backpacks
Dedicated Transport - Gue'vesa Rhino APC w/ Sensor Spines

Troops - 10 x Gue'vesa Infantry w/ Lasguns, 2 x Pulse Rifles
Troops - 6 x Fire Warriors w/ Pulse Rifles

Fast Attack - 6 x Gun Drones

Fast Attack - 3 x Gue'vesa Outriders

Heavy Support - Hammerhead Gunship w/ Heavy Railgun, 2 x Seeker Missiles

Heavy Support - Gue'vesa Tigershark Tank w/ Pulsed Lascannon Turret


I figured that, even though the Tau claim to trust their human allies, there is no way they would allow anyone but a Tau to command a mixed force.  Hence the battlesuit leader.  He has only minor conversion work on his head where I swapped out one of the Tau antennas for an Imperial one to represent his need to communicate with a mixed force.

The army needed some heavy hitters in the Elites section.  I didn't want to use any Tau units, so I created these human heavy troopers based on the NCR Heavy Troopers in Fallout: New Vegas.  I figure they use scavenged Space Marine armor sans the fibre-bundles and servo motors and power packs.  Techno-heresy, to be sure, but Gue'vesa don't really care for the strictures of the Adeptus Mechanicus.  The Rhino was added in the same vein: the heavy troopers are using a lot of scavenged Space Marine gear.


 I wanted a strong Tau presence, so adding the Fire Warriors was an obvious choice.  These were some of the rare models in this force not to include any conversion work.


These guys were based on the Gue'Vesa infantry once given rules by Games Workshop.  They are Cadian troopers with all the Imperial insignia filed off.  Two have been issued Pulse Rifles from the armories of their Tau "friends."  Definately friends - not overlords.


With Fast Attack looking pretty thin, I added in some Gun drones.  They came straight from the box, but have proven a really solid counterpoint to the foot-slogging infantry.


I saw a wrecked motorcycle in Fallout: New Vegas.  The idea of these guys sprang from that.  They are Space Marine bikes with riders made from Cadian bits and the pilot bits from the Valkyrie model.


The Hammerhead is one of my favorite non-Imperial tanks.  This monster was painted to look as though it had suffered damage during its long campaign supporting the Gue'vesa forces as I figure the Tau are more stingy with their resources when it comes to units containing non-Tau allies.


The true center piece to this force is the Gue'Vesa tank.  I imagine it to be a local design "hyped-up" with Tau super-tech.  To this end, it features both Tau and Imperial weaponry.  The base model is an Ironside Tank from the now defunct Pig Iron productions and is no longer available.  I wanted a machine that looked high-tech and was solid enough to be a good dueling partner for a Leman Russ.

I loved this army, but it never really saw much use under my command.  The campaign it was designed for disintegrated, leaving it high and dry.  I truly hope someone is able to give it a happy home.

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