Sunday, February 25, 2018

Million-Colored Sun: New Units

You can see but you're blind
Someone turned the sun around
But you can see in your mind
The gates of Babylon
-Gates of Babylon, by Rainbow

Beyond the boarders of the Starlight Forest lies the unfathomable Sea of Sorrows.  Its grey waves crash against the shores with all the fury of a nightmare.  To face the horrors which haunt its reaches, new warriors will be required.  Only the strongest will survive.

In preparation for our new campaign, Million-Colored Sun, we have been play testing the rules for new units.  This has been in an effort to achieve two goals: (1) to create a more streamlined campaign ruleset; (2) to integrate vehicles - for both air and ground.

This update provides a brief lay-down of a few and updated units.  Rules for just how Airborne units work are forthcoming.




  1. Welcome back! Is it a brain in the flying jar-plane? However it is very cool, the idea of glass and jars with gory or weird things always ticled my mind.

    1. Thanks! It's good to be back!

      That is a brain, yes; another excellent model from Reaper Bones. I think it's just called "Brain in a jar."

      The Ornithopter is also Reaper Bones. 2 models mashed up (with a GW head). It's a Colossal Skeleton and a Griffon.