Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Endless Whispers: The Motorcar!

It's the only way to travel!
-The Wind in the Willows (1987)

Just where this clanking, backfiring, whirling contraption came from - none are sure.  Certainly it seems to be no artifice of the Wizard, yet it certainly bears no hallmarks of the low-tech Starlight Forest.  Perhaps, like the archeotech weapons of the Fire Priestesses, it is the spoor of far-flung other-
worlds.  Either way, next to his blushing bride, Mr. Frog loves his insane Motorcar the best!

Using the Motorcar for Mr. Frog is something which absolutely had to happen.  The rules presented here are an experimental hybrid of Age of Sigmar and Gorkamorka.  There are plans to expand them to encompass passengers, boarding etc. after playtesting - with hope in the future to expand the rules to other vehicles.



The direction the Motorcar faces is important.  The car is divided into 90 degree arcs - front, both sides, rear.  In the same manner as vehicles in Warhammer 40K 7th edition.


The Motorcar has 8 Wounds.  It has a 3+ save for attacks to its front arc, 4+ save for attacks to its side arcs and a 5+ save for attacks to its rear arc.

During your hero phase, the Motorcar heals one wound.

During your movement phase, the Motorcar may move between 1 and 4 inches, then it may make a 45 degree turn at the end of the movement (hereafter referred to as a "pivot").  This movement must be made straight ahead.  The Motorcar may then repeat this process.

Instead of using low-gear, the Motorcar may move forward OR backward 1" then make a pivot.  It may repeat this process up to 2 more times.

As long as the Motorcar did not use Slow Maneuvers, it may Burnout after using Low-Gear Maneuvers.  It may not use Low-Gear maneuvers after a Burnout.  To burnout, roll a D6.  On a 2+, the Motorcar rockets ahead 8" in a straight line.  You may attempt to Burnout again, this time succeeding on a 3+.  You may thereafter attempt to Burnout an unlimited number of times, always succeeding on a 4+.  Should you ever fail a roll to Burnout, you must make a Spin (described below) and may not attempt to Burnout again this turn.  The Motorcar may not attempt to Burnout if it has 4 or less wounds remaining.

After a successful Burnout roll, the driver of the Motorcar may attempt to turn the contraption - a dangerous proposition.  The driver must take an Initiative test - if they fail, the Motorcar Spins and may no longer attempt to Burnout this turn.

If the Motorcar is called upon to Spin, roll the scatter die and a D6 at the same time.  If the D6 comes up a 4, 5 or 6 then move the Motorcar that many inches straight forward.  If you roll a 1, 2 or 3 then orient the Motorcar in the direction of the scatter die and then move it forward that number of inches.

If the Motorcar strikes a solid object, cease its movement and it may not move farther this turn.  If the Motorcar was performing a Burnout, it suffers a mortal wound.

If the Motorcar strikes a Behemoth while performing a Burnout, the Motorcar suffers a mortal wound then the Behemoth suffers D3 mortal wounds.  If the Behemoth is not slain, the Motorcar must cease its movement for this turn.

If the Motorcar passes within 2" of an enemy non-Behemoth model, that model must take an Initiative test.  If it fails, the model takes a mortal wound.  If the model is not slain, move it the minimum distance necessary to get it out of the Motorcar's path.

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