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Endless Whispers: Battle Report, Starforest Assault Part 2

So wake up, sleepy one
It’s time to save your world
You’re where the wild things are
Toy soldiers off to war
-Where the Wild Things Are, by Metallica





Under continual harassment by the forces of the Wizard, the inhabitants of the Starlight Forest have banded together to confront the threat.  Aided by powerful allies from the deepest glades, they have cornered the Wizard's servant, Tech-Priest Delphan Gone, and launched an all out assault.  Will they succeed in driving off the Wizard's second in command?  Or will they be crushed by his terrible, cybernetic forces?

Forces and Scenario HERE.


In the North-West, the 3 Fellcrafted Chimeric deploy under a bridge.

They are followed by 5 Tech-Slaves.  Magos Delphan Gone hangs back to secure the North-West objective (purple crystal).

Across the table in the South-West, the Starlight Forest forces deploy their archers on the hill.  They are preceded by an assault force of 4 sauruses (left); 5 villagers remain back to guard the crystal (right).

Firepower: 3 Loamhedge Patrol (rabbits), 1 Viridian Corsair Hellion (elf on left), Viridian Corsair leader (elf on right) - Nightingale, the Blood Priestess.

On the North-East, the forces of the Wizard crowd the objective: the Fire Elemental, 8 x Cyber-Ogryns in front, 5 Tech Slaves take up the rear.

The Cyber-Ogryns and Fire Elemental prepare to launch their counter attack.

On the South-East, across the table from the ogryns and the Fire Elemental, 2 Badger Paladins and the Beast lead the Starlight Forest's Assault Force.  3 Lizard Hounds act as vanguard.

 Behind the Badgers and Beast, more heavy-hitters: (left to right) Mr. Brimstone, Mr. Frog, Queen Elise, Squiggly the Squirrel Mage, Loamhedge Abbot and Lizardman Talon Leader.


The Beast (left) and the Badger Paladins surge forward to engage the forces of the Wizard.

Two Lizard Hounds engage a Cyber-Ogryn.  The Cyer-Ogryn takes a wound reducing it to 3, but in return cuts one of the Lizard Hounds in half.

Elsewhere, a second Cyber-Orgyn engages a Lizard Hound.  This time the Cyber-Ogryn takes no wounds and the Lizard Hound is cut to bloody strips.

The Forces of the Wizard gain initiative in the second battle round and surge forward on the East.

The Fellcrafted Chimerics advance in the West.

Archers fire on the oncoming monstrosities...

...4 wounds inflicted on "Sad-Face," the Fellcrafted Chimeric.  He is slain.  Chimerics are roughly equivalent to Crypt Horrors.

In the East, Queen Elise casts Hex on the Fire Elemental, forcing it to subtract one from its hit rolls.

"Fantastic" Mr. Fox swings around the Eastern flank, ahead of the Beast and Badger Paladins, looking for an opening.

 Mr. Frog and his wife, Queen Elise thread the needle.  Mr. Frog fires his blunderbuss, taking a wound off of the Fire Elemental - reducing it to 7.

The Beast charges in, but both Badger Paladins fail their charge rolls.

The Beast automatically inflicts a wound on the Fire Elemental from his charge, reducing it to 6.  The Beast uses very similar rules/stats as an Ogroid Thaumaturge.

In the combat phase, the Beast wounds the Fire Elemental two more times, reducing it to 4.  In return, the Fire Elemental wounds the Beast 3 times, reducing him to 5.

Cyber-Ogryns pile in, inflicting 4 more wounds on the Beast, reducing him to 1.

In the West, things do not go as well for the forces of the Wizard.  One Fellcrafted Chimeric fails its charge, but the other one makes it against the Sauruses...

...only to be cut to pieces by their machetes!


The Forces of the Wizard steal the initiative!  The Beast, already at 1 wound, is slain!

Things go from bad to worse as, stranded alone, Mr. Fox is stomped flat by a Cyber-Ogryn when it makes a 9" charge (like Ogre Bulls, Cyber-Ogryns inflict a mortal wound if they successfully charge from 9" or farther).

Enraged at the loss of their friends, the Badger Paladins charge in.

 A Badger Paladin is an 8-wound monster, a little less powerful than a Vhargulf.

The Cyber-Ogryns are pummeled and three are slain.

In the West, the villagers and archers surge forward, seeking to overrun the objective held by the Tech-Priest. 

The Sauruses and Voodoo Guard charge the last Fellcrafted Chimeric...

A flurry of wounds are inflicted and the Fellcrafted Chimeric known as "Croc" is slain!

 Battlefield as it appears at the end of the third Battle Round.

+++END GAME+++

The Starlight Forest Assault Force takes the initiative!  Three more Cyber-Ogryns are slain as the Badger Paladins tear into them.

The Badger Paladins attack the Fire Elemental - forcing it to burn through its remaining Presence points to survive and leaving it at 1 wound.

Avenging Mr. Fox, the Loamhedge Abbot and Lizardman Talon Leader rip apart the Cyber-Ogryn that killed him.

Next turn, the Fire Elemental vanishes in a burst of smoke as it has run out of Presence points.  The Badgers surge forward onto the North-East objective.

...they are followed closely by the remaining Starlight Forest heroes.

"Dead-Eye Joe" the Badger Paladin smashes the last Cyber-Ogryn, claiming the North-East Objective for the Starlight Forest.

Far behind in the South-East, Mr. Brimstone and Squiggly the Squirrel Mage hold the South-East objective.

In the West, the Sauruses, Villagers and archers all swarm toward the Tech-Priest - the last enemy model on that side of the board.

Arrows fall on the Tech-Priest, picking a wound off of him and reducing him to 4.

In the South-West, Nightingale and one rabbit archer hold the South-West objective.

Loamhedge Patrol (top) and Nightingale, Blood Priestess (bottom) hold the South-West objective; this gives the Starlight Forest Assault Force 3 of 4 objectives controlled.

With few allies left, Tech-Priest Magos Delphan Gone runs the calculations; determining victory is hopeless, he flees as the Sauruses draw near.

Victory for the Starlight Forest Assault Force!

Defeat for the Forces of the Wizard!

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