Friday, July 7, 2017

Endless Whispers: Battle Report, Starforest Assault Part 1

Get thee from me, take heed to thyself, see my face no more; for in that day thou seest my face thou shalt die.
-Exodus 10:28

With the escalating clash between the defenders of the Starlight Forest and The Wizard, both sides have taken to mustering larger forces so that they might strike a decisive blow against the other.  In deepest glades, four crystals of terrible power pulse with the sickly energies of a fallen city; a city whose name is spoken of only in hushed whispers.  And these whispers never cease.

This is part one of a series describing this Sunday's upcoming battle for the Endless Whispers campaign.  Below is laid out the forces and scenario.


Tech-Priest Magos w/Plasma Pistol
8 x Cyber-Ogryns
3 x Fellcrafted Chimerics
5 x Tech-Slaves
5 x Tech-Slaves
Fire Elemental


Threar Buckthorn, Renegade Abbot
Squiggly, Chipmunk Mage
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Pepe the Frog
Queen Elise
3 x Loamhedge Patrol
2 x Badger Paladins

Dength Angth, High Guardian
1 x Voodoo Guard
3 x Swamp Warriors
3 x Lizard Hounds

 Nightingale, Blood Priestess
1 x Viridian Corsair Hellion
The Beast

5 x Villagers


SETUP: Divide the battlefield in half.  All models must be deployed in their own territory and at least 12" from enemy territory.

VICTORY: Battle is fought over four objectives - two in each player's territory.  A player controls an objective if he/she has more models with a combined wound count higher than their opponent's combined wound count within 6" of an objective.  For this purpose, count starting wounds not current wounds.  Ie. if Player A has a model with 8 wounds within 6" and Player B has two models within 6" with 2 wounds each, Player A controls the objective.

Starting with the Third Battle Round, if a player controls all four objectives at the end of the Battle Round they win the game.

Otherwise, at the end of the Fifth Battle Round, the player controlling the most objectives wins.

In the case of a tie, play a Sixth Battle Round to determine winner.

If a tie remains, the tie stands and all forces retreat.

SPECIAL: Due to the massive amounts of magical energy, the Wizard has augmented his servant with special psi-dampeners.  The Tech-Priest may attempt to unbind up to two spells per turn.

If the overall leader of the Starlight Forest force is slain, they must reduce their bravery by 2 when testing for Battleshock.


The Cyber-Ogryns provide an iron backbone to the Forces of the Wizard.

Two units of five tech slaves bolster the Wizard's numbers.

About on par with the Cyber-Ogryns in terms of power, the Fellcrafted Chimerics have more powerful attacks and regenerate wounds.

The Fire Elemental offers incredible power, although it can burn out quickly.


The Leaders (left to right): Nightingale, Blood Priestess; Dength Angth, High Guardian; Threar Buckthorn, Renegade Abbot.

Pepe the Frog and his wife Queen Elise.

Squiggly, the Chipmunk Mage provides magical support - on his reliable, but slow, mount.

The utterly Fantastic Mr. Fox is both cunning and deadly with a sword.

The Loamhedge Patrol provides fast, accurate bowfire.

Terrifying and huge, the two Badge Paladins are 8 wound terrors with powerful attacks.

Voodoo Guard have 4+ saves and two strong attacks - and a ferocious bite!

Mr. Brimstone may not be fast, but his magic is as terrible as it strange.

Swamp Warriors form the core of any Bayou Raiders force.

Fast, strong and tough - the Lizard Hounds are ready to harass the flanks.

Viridian Corsair Hellions have a black hatred for the Wizard, making shots from their Silverflame Arcs even more powerful.

The Beast is an olden daemon of darkest forest.  He has 8 wounds and the ability to regenerate, making him difficult to stop.

The Villagers, while weak, are a good back-field unit for holding objectives.  From left to right: Blacksmith, Undertaker, Tavern Wench, Peddler, Innkeeper.

The three heavy-hitters all lined up, ready to crush the Wizard in the name of vengeance.

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