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Endless Whispers: Battle Report - Defend the Village

Until an hour before the Devil fell, God thought him beautiful in heaven.
-The Crucible, by Arthur Miller



Activity by feral inhabitants of [realm] has increased by 54.5%

New Threat-Level Assessment: Beta Proximus

Recommendation: Cull native population

I hear and obey.


Welcome back! Today we will be presenting the first Battle Report for the Endless Whispers campaign.  The campaign uses the Age of Sigmar Skirmish rules - with some changes.

The warbands in the Starlight Forest have been busy: gathering allies, fighting enemies and increasing their resources.   Their actions have not gone unnoticed; the Wizard, sensing the growing threat, has mobilized his servants.  They have been sent to destroy the player's main base: the Village.  Under threat, every surviving villager has turned out to defend their home.  Alongside them will be the Loamhedge Renegade warband.

Can they hope to prevail against the scientific sorcery arrayed against them?  Or is there truly no sun in the shadow of the Wizard?


From left to right:
The Blood Golem
2 x Mouse Rogue
2 x Loamhedge Patrol

From left to right:
Squiggle, Chipmunk Mage on Turtle
(Fantastic) Mr. Fox
Threar Buckthorn, Renegade Abbot
Pepe the Frog
Queen Elise

All ten of the Villagers use the same profile, except for Friar Sebastian (center) who has multiple wounds and attacks.

Leader: Tech-Priest Magos Delphan Gone w/ chainsword and plasma pistol
Combat Servitor
2 x Gun Servitor
The Liquidator
Fire Elemental
9 x Tech Slaves


Four objective buildings (blue roofs) as shown.

This is a two-sided battle fought between the forces of the Wizard and the Loamhedge Renegades Warband.  Additionally, the Village has turned out to aid the Loamhedge Renegades.  The two groups function as one force.

The Loamhedge Renegades and their allies from the Village deploy first.  All forces of the Wizard start in reserve.  Half arrive on the Wizard's first turn and the rest remain in reserve, each unit arriving on a D6 roll of 4+ in each subsequent hero phase.

The game lasts five (5) Battle Phases.  There are four buildings on the table.  They player controlling the majority at the end of the game, wins.  The Wizard can only control a building if his forces are the only ones occupying it.  The Loamhedge Renegades and Villagers can control a building so long as they outnumber any occupying enemy forces.

Additionally, the Loamhedge Renegades and Villagers automatically win the game if they slay the leader of the Wizard's forces.


Queen Elise, her husband Pepe the Frog (looooong story...) and two of the Loamhedge Patrol (ie. the rabbits) start atop the highest building in the South-East.

Friar Sebastian and five villagers deploy in the North-East building.

Five villagers deploy in the South-West building.

Two Mouse Rogues deploy in the South-West building on the lower level.

The Loamhedge Abbot, Mr. Fox, the Blood Golem and the Chipmunk Mage all deploy in the North-West building.

Remember, all forces of the Wizard start in reserve.


The Forces of the Wizard win the roll off and take the first turn.  Magos Delphan Gone arrives from the South.

One Gun Servitor Arrives from the Eastern board edge.

The Fire Elemental and four Tech Slaves arrive on the West board edge.

The Fire Elemental follows the Tech Slaves up the ramp and across the bridge toward the Loamhedge Renegade Abbot and his companions.

A group of five tech slaves arrives from the North, advancing under the bridge.

Magos Delphan Gone fires his plasma pistol.  The blazing energies disintegrate one of the Mouse Rogues on the lower gantry.

The Gun Servitor opens fire, its bolts blowing the last Mouse Rogue to pieces.


In the North, Friar Sebastian and all villagers able to do so leap from their building to attack the tech slaves with diving charges.  All except two pass their initiative rolls. Villagers pass Initiative tests on a 4+.

In the south, all five villagers pass their initiative tests to leap off the building to attack Tech Priest Delphan Gone; granny leads the way with her broom.

The villagers all charge the Tech Priest Magos; they activate first in combat, barely managing to inflict a lucky wound on the Tech Priest despite his armor, bringing him down to 4.

Tech Priest Delphan Gone activates and attacks, easily wiping out all the villagers with his chainsword.  The flesh is weak.

Moving to aid the villagers, Pepe the Frog, Queen Elise and two rabbits move down the ramp toward the southern building.

Deciding discretion is the better part of valor, the Abbot and his companions move (flee?) to the south away from the Fire Elemental.

 All Loamhedge forces converge on the South-East building.  With Magos Delphan Gone alone and unsupported, the Loamhedge forces react quickly to take him out and end the game.

+++MID GAME+++

The combat continues between the Tech Slaves and the villagers with the Villagers gaining the upper hand and defeating all but one Tech Slave.

A second Gun Servitor arrives from the East to aid his companion.

A Combat Servitor arrives from the East, moving as fast as it can to aid Delphan Gone, its beleaguered master.

The Fire Elemental, sensing its master's danger, leaps from the bridge.  It fails its initiative test, but suffers no wounds.  This still stops it from moving further this turn.  Forces of the Wizard pass Initiative tests on a D6 roll of 5+.
 Pepe the Frog, Queen Elise and both Loamhedge Patrol reach the balcony of the South-East building.  All four declare a charge against Tech-Priest Delphan Gone, but only one rabbit rolls high enough to make it.

Despite his successful charge, the rabbit fails his Initiative test for leaping down and stops moving (Loamhedge Renegades pass Initiative tests on a D6 roll of 3+).

Finding himself staring down a particularly angry rabbit, Tech-Priest Delphan Gone decides discretion is also the better part of valor...

 ...with a wave of his hand, Tech Priest Delphan Gone attempts to summon 5 more tech slaves.  Queen Elise rolls to unbind, but fails.  With a cackle, Delphan Gone retreats behind his minions.

+++END GAME+++

The Combat Servitor continues to race to aid its master.
In the North, the Liquidator finally arrives.  He tosses a poison-acid grenade, but it goes wide.  The next turn, Friar Sebastian invokes the Eye of the Crow and rots the Liquidator away to nothing.

 Tech-Priest Delphan Gone summons three more Tech Slaves who arrive from the West.  Despite their best efforts, the Loamhedge Renegades are unable to unbind the spell.
Reaching the landing of the South-East building, the Chipmunk Mage, the Abbot and the Blood Golem attempt to charge Delphan Gone and his newly summoned Tech Slaves, but fail.

 Shortly thereafter, all are cut apart by the Gun Servitors except for the Blood Golem who is reduced to 2 wounds.  Queen Elise is also killed in the gunfire, leaving the Loamhedge Renegades without a mage.
The Loamhedge Patrol rabbit leads the charge against Delphan Gone and his Tech Slaves.  This is the Loamhedge Renegades final hope!

Pepe the Frog opens fire against the Tech Slaves with his blunderbuss, but despite only needing a 2+ to hit and a 4+ to wound with 5 shots, he does not manage to kill a single enemy.

Bravely the last rabbit and Mr. Fox charge the Tech Slaves.  Hope continues to sink as only one Tech Slave is slain.

Tech Priest Delphan Gone activates, easily slaying Mr. Fox.  The rabbit is left alone against four Tech Slaves.

Pepe the Frog attempts to aid his companions, but it cut down by the Gun Servitors.  Shortly thereafter, the last rabbit falls to the Tech Slaves.

With no reasonable way to kill Tech Priest Delphan Gone, the forces of the Loamhedge Renegades and the Village flee into the forest.




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