Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Endless Whispers: Viridian Corsair Warband

I am the beast that feeds the beast
I am the blood I am released
-Bleeding Me, by Metallica

Last night I tracked a mother bear to her den where she was suckling two blind, mewling cubs.  I put an arrow through her eye; the blood-mist in the air filled my nostrils, filled my soul.  I threw my weapons aside and fell upon the cubs with empty hands.  I throttled the first so hard the bones of its spine cut my flesh.  I ate the second whilst it still lived.  It screamed.  I didn't know they could.

I don't know what's happened to me since I escaped that accursed city.  The forest is hollow, cold and devoid of the joy it once brought me.  I feel as though my muscles will twist my ribcage into a blossom of gore, such is my constant unrest.  My teeth are daggers.  My soul breathes in air - but it exhales fire.

What have I become?  The poison of the city, the poison of the Wizard - I can feel them both driving me insane.  I kill - I eat - it's all that keeps the madness at bay.

-Nightingale, Blood Priestess

The Viridian Corsairs are those few from whatever aelf conclaves survived the coming of the comet, and subsequent coming of the Wizard.  Those which still live have deliberately abandoned their gods, believing them to have abandoned them; they have returned to older beliefs of ancestor worship and blood sacrifice.  Drugs, madness and despair have driven the aelfs to dark and sinister rituals - often ending with the consumption of  living, sentient being.

In desdain and anger, the aelfs have razed their opulent temples and abodes to the ground - putting anyone who defended them to the sword.  They have returned to the forest, living as their ancient forebearers did.  Reaving has become a way of life, violence the only faith left and death the supreme deity.  They kill and hunger - desiring the greatest feast: the Wizard.

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