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To your Brethren in the Dark: Character Archetypes

Into the night
My long suffering friend
We'll be reborn again
Right here where everything ends.
-Phoenix, by Satyricon

The nightmare of Fiddler's Green must be ended.  A story of long ago where few stood against many.  Four warriors stood alone against thousands.  Whether in life, or in death, their light will be passed to all of those who follow in their footsteps.


The Fighter can take a tremendous amount of punishment, yet still deal out a respectable amount of damage.  The main disadvantage of the Fighter is slow speed, vulnerability to magic and a less then stellar damage output when compared to other combat specialists.


Mordheim Freelance Knight (+ base tutorial)

The archetypal knight, the Freelancer is a human knight who has been disgraced and impoverished and forced to become a mercenary.  Balanced skills with an ability to blend in make the Freelancer and ideal choice.


A (possibly) undead warrior.  A Blue Whale Knight idealizes the classic "tank:" heavy armor, slow speed and an incredible ability to absorb damage.  Blue Whale Knights are bowed but unbroken, never suffering the effects of knocked down or stunned.


A dwarven warrior beyond compare, the Ironbreaker fights with runic weapons, heavy gromril armor and a determination that would put anyone to shame.  An utterly relentless warrior.


Unnatural beings conjured by the flux between worlds, Pumpkinhead Warriors are Wraith-Type fighters who are incredibly tough, but have limited endurance.


The barbarian is similar to the fighter, but trades protection for damage output.  Barbarians are faster than fighters, deal more damage - but are lightly or unarmored.


]These deranged northmen are matched only in their ferocity by their lust for blood. Insane cannibals, tthey desire only to slay and consume their enemies.


The Dwarf Slayer combines the resilience (and slowness) of the Fighter with the high damage output of the barbarian.  All in a completely fearless (and unhinged) package.

Master of close-quarter combat, the Pitfighter excels in cramped city streets.  Armed with unique weapons and skills, the Pit fighter is a match for any opponent.


The Witch Elf is fast, lethal and precise.  Her craving for blood leads her to recklessness, but her speed is beyond compare.


The Ranger is a master of subterfuge, stealth and ranged combat.  That is not to say he/she is hopeless in close combat either.


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The Berg-Jaeger is the ultimate human hunter.  Patient, calculating - he can bring down the largest target with bow and sword.  He will lie in wait for hours, setting traps to ensnare those who would pursue him.


The Elf Ranger is a master of combat at extreme range; able to fire a hail of arrows in the time usually reserved for one.  Up close she is a master of the blade and no less deadly than at range.


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Less the patient hunter and more the rogue noble who kills with silence and poison, the Tilean Marksman is master of the crossbow beyond compare.  Patient, cunning and charismatic, he is the ultimate gentleman warrior.


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The older and (perhaps) wiser version of the Tilean Marksman, the Big Game Hunter is patience embodied.  He only ever makes one shot from his pistol or longrifle, but that is all he ever needs.


Master of the arcane, the mage casts spells of incredible destructive power.  Protection is eschewed in favor of magical force.  None can prevail against the awesome spells of the mage.

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The classic magician.  In the time of Magnus, there were no Colleges of Magic.  Practitioners were solitary, haunted sorts.  The Warlock is a battlemage before the term existed.


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The Witch may be young, or an old crone.  She avoids hand-to-hand combat whenever possible, but more than makes up for it with her powerful hexes and ability to fly.


The Distributor of pain, your loss becomes her gain.  The Pumpkinhead Hexen absorbs power from the enemy and uses it to become ever stronger.  She is plagued by the low-endurance of all Pumpkinheads, but makes up for it with magical firepower.


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The necromancer calls up the foul spawn of the under-earth to fight for him.  His magical powers likewise drain the life from his enemies to make himself stronger.


The Cleric is a (un)holy warrior gifted in both the ability to harm and heal.  The Cleric is well protected and does his or her best to protect others.


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The Priest of Morr seeks out the undead in order to grant them eternal peace - he also seeks out the living for the same reason.


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Able to call upon the animals and the healing power of nature, the Amber Druid is as fearsome to his foes as he is protective of his allies.


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The strange machines of the dwarves are not to be trifled with.  The Dwarven Engineer augments the weapons of his allies even as he pounds his enemies into dust with his steam-driven hammer.

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