Friday, March 30, 2018

Million-Colored Sun: Advanced Flight

Fight on and fly on to the last drop of blood and the last drop of fuel, to the last beat of the heart.
-Baron Manfred von Richthofen, known as "The Red Baron"

The previous rules - Lesson I: Intro to Flight - are sufficient to cover the basics; most airborne models in our campaign will not need anything more complex.  However, some airborne models - whether through dint of high speed, manueverability or outlandish construction - require more advanced rules.  This lesson covers loops, barrel rolls, airborne ordnance and other high-flying topics.


During an AIRBORNE model's Hero phase, it may perform one of the following actions.  If the model has any Blast Markers, the only action which may be selected is "RECOVER."

The pilot concentrates on avoiding enemy fire.  Until your next Hero phase, you may add one to any initiative rolls made for this model when rolling to avoid damage.

The pilot concentrates on directing his or her weapons systems to inflict maximum damage.  Until your next Hero phase, any models fired upon must subtract one from their initiative roll when rolling to avoid damage.

The pilot slows his or her aircraft and performs damage control measures.  Remove one Blast Marker from the model; if any weapons were Jammed, they are no longer Jammed.

Some AIRBORNE models are able to shift between one or more movement modes.  Choosing this action allows the model to shift from AIRBORNE to one of its other available movement modes (for example: FLY, or regular ground movement).  Models which are not currently AIRBORNE but have AIRBORNE as one of their available movement modes may use this action to become AIRBORNE.

The pilot pushes his or her aircraft to the limit of its speed or manueverability.  During your movement phase, you may select a Red Manuever as listed on the aircraft's Warscroll.  The model gains a Blast Marker.

The model launches a missile or torpedo; place the relevant marker next to the aircraft as described by the model's Warscroll.

During the model's movement phase, you may drop a bomb (see below).

During the movement phase, each AIRBORNE model selects one Manuever to perform.  These Manuevers must be executed exactly as described; ie. if you are instructed to move forward 20", you must move forward exactly 20".  AIRBORNE models may not freely change their facing, but instead may only pivot as indicated by the relevant Manuever.

Each AIRBORNE model's Warscroll will list which Manuevers the model can perform.  Some Manuevers are listed as Red Manuevers, in which case the model must have had declared a "Perform Red Manuever" action during its Hero phase in order to utilize one.

Move the model directly forward exactly 40" or 50".

Move the model directly forward exactly 60" or 70".

Move the model directly forward 10" then rotate the model 180 degrees so that it faces the opposite direction from when it started.

Move the model directly forward 10" then laterally left or right 10".  Do not pivot the model, but keep it facing the same direction as when it started.

A missile is represented by a counter or, preferably, an custom model with flying stand.  Missiles are placed in the Hero Phase (see above).  Missiles behave exactly as though they were an AIRBORNE model.  They may not perform actions.

+ Missiles have 1W, a 4+ save and Initiative 2+.

+ Missiles may perform the following Manuevers: Cruise, Bank and Hard Turn.  Missiles may only Cruise 20".

+ Missiles whose flight path takes them within 3" of an enemy model or hard obstacle explode when they are closest to the enemy model or obstacle.  All models within 3" of this point suffer D6 mortal wounds.  Models which do not have the FLY rule may take an Initiative test with a -1 penalty against each wound suffered.  Note that because of this, Missiles are always destroyed if they move into contact with an obstacle and may not attempt to fly through it.

+ Missiles continue to move in their controlling player's subsequent turns.  During your Hero phase, you must roll for each missile you control which started the turn on the board: on a 3+, the missile runs out of fuel and is removed from the board (it does not explode).

An AIRBORNE model may drop a bomb during its movement if it selected the BOMBING RUN action.    Choose any point during the model's movement and place a bomb counter.  Then move that counter forward D6" along the AIRBORNE model's flight path.  All models within 3" of the final point which do not have the AIRBORNE or FLY special rules suffer D6 mortal wounds.  Initiative saves may not be taken against bombs.  All terrain within 3" of the bomb is also destroyed.

Choose any point during the model's movement and place a bomb counter.  Then move that counter forward D6" along the AIRBORNE model's flight path.  The bomb explodes at the final point.

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