Thursday, May 11, 2017

Endless Whispers, Locale: Howling Mine

He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.

This is the third location in a series of locations available for the players to explore in the Endless Whispers campaign.

Searching in, the inverted pyramid.  I can feel it.  The riches of ancient of days.  I feel it.  The riches glitter like endless, screaming labyrinths of blinding pulsars.  I must dig.  Dig!

-Thermite, Dwarf Prospector

At the bottom of endless chambers lies an abyss which most dismiss as delusion.  The truth has arrived.  You arrive at a blank grotto where a dwarf and his few remaining men dig obsessively.  Something is at the bottom of the chamber.  Will you aid them?  What they require to complete their task is not a small thing.  But the rewards - the rewards will be beyond your wildest dreams.

One man, a career pirate, has seen what Thermite has uncovered; he has seen what is to come.  He has run into the forest, screaming for help.  He is Peggy Sue, the Pirate.

The dwarfs have been forcing him to dig.  He's proven incredibly useful: having supposedly perished in multiple major accidents only to reappear unharmed.

The dwarfs confront you: help us.  Give us funds so we can purchase the heavy machinery we require to complete our dig.  The innmost chambers lie beyond - and they are filled with riches!

Peggy Sue beseeches you the opposite - help me!  Stay away from the dig!  You do not want to see what's down there!



The player selecting the territory may choose to aid Thermite or Peggy Sue.  Play a standard scenario.  Whomever you choose to aid, your opponent controls the other.


Whomever wins may choose to aid either Thermite, the Dwarf or Peggy Sue, the Pirate.

You choose to aid the rather panicky pirate.  He joins your warband.  Thermite joins your opponent's warband.

You chase Peggy Sue away.  He joins your opponent's warband.  You gain Thermite as a permanent NPC.  You gain the Howling Mine as a territory.  Digging deeper has a cost: at any time you may pay 5 Supplies to supply Thermite with the machinery he needs to dig deeper.  Play special scenario I.

After Special Scenario I (win or lose), you may choose to spend 10 Supplies to dig deeper.  After this, play Special Scenario II.

If you are victorious, you gain 3D6 Supplies; the Howling Mine Territory generates 1 Supply per turn and you gain an additional bonus (redacted).


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  1. I really dont like to play the game namely Endless Whispers campaign. I feel this game more like a war and I am pretty much peaceful person in nature.