Saturday, July 2, 2016

Serene Annihilation: Bazaar of Wonders

Glory be to Him who changes others and remains Himself unchanged.
-The Arabian Nights

At some point players in Mordheim have too much gold and not enough to spend it on.  For my own Serene Annihilation Campaign, I aimed to solve this by adding the Bazaar of Wonders.  Big items with unfair power - at unfair prices!



Thunder Mutation - 250 GC
Upgrade all beastmen (current and all future acquisitions) to Tzaangors.  Tzaangor beastmen have Movement 5 and have the Beaked and Daemon Soul mutations.

Screamer-Killer - 250 GC
Add a Pink Horror to your warband.  Does not gain experience, but does split into Blue Horrors when killed.  When they are killed, they split again into Brimstone Horrors.  Pink Horrors know magic.  Pink and Blue Horrors can shoot fire.  Brimstone Horrors explode when killed.

The Sinister Influence - 400 GC

Upgrade all brethren to become Kairic Acolytes.  Kairic Acolytes automatically have S4, T4 and cause S3 impact hits when charging.  Each Kairic Acolyte can also cast Fires of Uz'hul but the hit is resolved at S3.

Epic Upgrade - 666 GC

Add your faction's Epic unit.


The Best Man - 250 GC
Add a seventh hero with Plague Bearer stats and the ability to level up to Herald of Nurgle maximums.

The Plague Spreads - 400 GC
Add five more Plague Bearers to your warband.  They do not count against your maximum warband size.  They may be replaced as normal if slain.

Epic Upgrade - 666 GC
Add your faction's Epic unit.


The Crippler - 250 GC

Add a Dwarf Slayer as a seventh hero.  Comes with unique abilities.

Fire Traps - 250 GC
All traps laid by Bergjaegers strike on a 3+ at S5 and have a chance to catch their targets on fire.  Traps may be thrown as shooting weapons instead of set with a -1 penalty to hit (ie. grenades).

Brute Mutation - 400 GC
Upgrade one of your heroes to become an ogre.  He will retain all previous equipment, upgrades and skills - but his base profile becomes that of an ogre and gains all relevant ogre abilities.

Double-Down - 400 GC
One ogre - why not two?

Epic Upgrade - 666 GC
Add your faction's Epic unit.


Accept the Heresy  - 250GC

Add an Elven Shadow Mage as a seventh hero.

I have held my own Death Mask in my Hands - 400 GC
Resurrect one of your dead heroes as an Eternal Warrior.

Epic Upgrade - 666 GC

Add your faction's Epic unit.

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